1. All prices quoted are subject to alteration without All orders are accepted at prices ruling at the day of order.
  2. Payment is due by the 30th day of the month following the date of statement. JK VEHICLE SOLUTIONS reserve the right to charge interest at the prevailing bank base lending rate at ABBEY BANK on accounts not paid on due date.
  3. All goods supplied remain the property of JK VEHICLE SOLUTIONS until the sums due to them have been paid in full and JK VEHICLE SOLUTIONS have the right, but not the obligation to take back the goods.
  4. JK VEHICLE SOLUTIONS reserve the right, in the event of non-payment to suspend or terminate the supply of goods and services on a credit basis.
  5. The Customer agrees that (a) this contract represents the entire agreement between the Customer and JK VEHICLE SOLUTIONS (hereinafter called the Company) and that no alterations or additions to this contract may be effected unless agreed to by both parties, reduced to writing and signed by both parties; (b) that this agreement will govern all future contractual relationships between the parties; and (c) is applicable to all existing debts between the parties.
  6. The customer hereby acknowledges that he has read and understood each term of this Agreement and accepts them as
  7. The customer warrants that the signatory on the reverse side has been duly authorised to contract on its
  8. The signatory hereby binds himself in his personal capacity as co-debtor in solidum for the full amount due to the Company whether or not the credit limit has been exceeded and agrees that the Standard Conditions will apply mutatis mutandis to
  9. The customer acknowledges that no representations were made by the Company in regard to the product(s) or services or any of its qualities leading up to this contract.
  10. The customer hereby confirms that the items and services on the reverse side duly represent the items and services ordered by the customer at the prices agreed to by the Customer and where perfonnance /delivery has already taken place that the services and goods were inspected and confirm to the quality and quantity
  11. Any delivery note (carbon or original) signed by the Customer and held by the Company shall be conclusive proof that delivery was made to the customer.
  12. All orders, whether oral or in writing, will be irrevocable, binding and subject to these standard
  13. All new goods supplied carry a l(one) year factory guarantee and the Customer’s rights for defective goods are limited to the factory guarantee. Under no circumstances will the company be liable for damage arising from misuse or abuse of the
  14. It is the duty of the Customer to return any defective goods to the Company’s premises. On return of defective goods the company may at its sole discretion exchange the goods, grant credit to the Customer or return the goods to the Manufacturer under the factory guarantee.
  15. Liability under clause 11 is further restricted to the cost of repair or replacement of faulty products or services at the sole discretion of the Company. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for consequential damages.
  16. No claim under this contract will arise unless the Customer has given the Company thirty days written notice by prepaid registered post to rectify any defect or breach of contract.
  17. The customer has no right to withhold payment for any reason
  18. The Customer agrees to pay the amount on the invoice (a) cash on delivery; or (b) if the Customer is an approved customer, within thirty days of date of statement issued by the Company. Payment must be tendered at the offices of the Company.
  19. The Customer agrees that the amount due and payable to the Company shall be determined and proven by a certificate issued by the Company and signed on its behalf by any duly authorised person, which authority need not be proven. Such certificate shall be binding and shall be conclusive proof of the indebtedness of the Customer, and shall be a liquid document for the purposes of obtaining summary judgement herein.
  20. The Customer agrees that interest on any monies due to the Company shall be subject to the maximum legal interest rate prescribed by law from the date they fall due.
  21. The Customer agrees that if an account is not settled in full (a) against delivery; or (b) within thirty days of the date of the statement in the case of approved customers; the Company is (I) authorised immediately and irrevocably to apply unopposed in the Magistrate’s Court for judgement against the Customer at the sole expense of the Customer, and the Customer irrevocably consents to the judgement herein; or (ii) to cancel the agreement and take possession of any goods delivered to the Customer.
  22. The Customer shall be liable in advance to the Company for all legal expenses of an attorney and counsel incurred by the Company in the event of any default by the Customer or any litigation in regard to the validity and enforceability of this agreement on an attorney/client basis. The Customer will also be liable for any collection or valuation fees incurred.
  23. The Customer agrees that neither the Company nor any of its employees will be liable for any negligent or innocent misrepresentations made to the Customer.
  24. The Customer agrees that no indulgence whatsoever by the Company will affect the terms of this agreement or any of the rights of the Company and such indulgence shall not constitute a waiver by the Company in respect of any of its rights herein. Under no circumstances will the Company be stopped from exercising any of its rights in terms of this contract.
  25. Any document will be deemed duly presented within three days of prepaid registered mail to any of the Customer’s business or personal addresses or within 24 hours of being faxed to any of the Customer’s fax numbers (business or personal) or on being delivered by hand to the Customer.
  26. The Customer agrees to the standard rates of the Company for any goods or services rendered, which rates may be obtained on request.
  27. Warranty terms & conditions. All parts supplied by JK Vehicle solutions are covered by a 12-month manufacture warranty, this does not include misuse. Wear and tear, modification, or unintentional user damage.
  28. Warranty is with the original customer, which is stated on the invoice, a copy of the invoice is required for all warranty claims within the 12-month period.
  29. Warranty is non-transferable in the event of the vehicle being sold within the 12-month period, therefore the warranty will be void.
  30. The invalidity of any part of this contract will not affect the validity of any other part of this
  31. This contract was concluded in the United
  32. If in the event of parts being removed from the original vehicle listed on the original invoice and transferred to another vehicle within the 12-month warranty period, (unless carried out by a JK Vehicle Solutions technician) will not be covered by the 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  33. JK Vehicle Solutions cannot be held responsible for any third-party changes for any repairs / damage allegedly caused by a product which has been installed without being given the opportunity to investigate or rectify within the manufacturers 12-month warranty period.
  34. Only by prior arrangement with JK Vehicle Solutions will costs by third parties be paid in the event of a product fitted being the cause of the alleged damage or fault.